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Radio Maria Zambia is a civil, private not-for-profit organisation formed by priests, religious and lay people under the Association of Radio Maria Zambia

Radio Maria was established to announce conversion for the salvation of souls. It supports itself exclusively through the listener donations and voluntary work assures its operation.

All of our programs, although in different ways, announce the Lord’s Word. The languages used for broadcasting are Chinyanja, English and some transmissions in Tumbuka and Nsenga. These are the four prevalent languages within the radio’s catchment area.

Radio Maria Zambia is a member of the World Family of Radio Maria, whose heardquarters are in Italy. The radio can be heard on 88.5 MHz in Chipata, Chadiza, Mambwe, and parts of Lundazi districts, and on 94.9 MHz in Katete, Sinda, Petauke, and some parts of Nyimba districts. Our air waves also cover the border areas of Malawi in the east and Mozambique in the south. These frequencies cover approximately 75% of the Eastern province of Zambia reaching a population of over 1.5 million people. 

Plans are underway to expand our air waves even beyond Eastern Province. As soon as we receive the new equipment from Italy, people in far places like Lundazi, Chama and Nyimba will be able to listen to Radio Maria Zambia.



Love for the virgin Mary, the message of conversion, prayer and evangelisation, reliance on providence, love and obedience to the church, the strength of volunteers and the involvement of listeners are some of the constructive elements of the identity and mission of Radio Maria. These elements represent an ideal to be realised in time with patience and perseverance. The indispensable traits of Radio Maria are undoubtedly inspired by the sources of the Gospel and represent a challenge to be faced with determination and the power of faith. Another Radio Maria defining trait is adherence to the Magesterium of the Church, in particular, obedience, loyalty and support to the Holy Father.

When pondering the future of Radio Maria and the essential traits of its identity, we should never forget that our Lady has given us a means of evangelisation – the radio – which is missionary by nature. its extraordinary effectiveness in the dynamics of evangelisation is beyond question. The radio spreads the word. The radio is the carrier of the voice that from the mouth of the speaker reaches the ears of the listener. Faith comes from hearing – Rom 10:17.

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