Origins and history

In Italy

1983 (Erba, Italy): a small parish radio station called “Radio Maria” is set up

1987 (Erba, Italy): the “Radio Maria Association” is established, bringing together the first volunteers and staff. This marks the real beginning of the Radio Maria Project.

1998 (Italy): the global process, which has become mission through the establishment of the World Family of Radio Maria, is realized: to ensure the promotion, sharing and development of the Radio Maria Project world-wide.

2003 (Rome Italy): first historic visit of world family representatives to Pope John Paul II.

2008: Radio Maria is present in 50 countries around the world.

In Zambia

1999, 21st June: Radio Maria Zambia started broadcasting as a Christian Community radio station in Eastern Province of Zambia on.

2007: Installation of first repeater station in Katete, Mphangwe hills.

Currently we are rehearsing with government to be granted the National license and increase our coverage. We are broadcasting on 2 frequencies; 88.5 MHz in Chipata and 94.9 MHz in Katete.

Current track



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